Becoming a USATF member and a part of a club is very rewarding!  Here are the steps you need to do to become a part of a club or to be a member of the Inland Northwest Association of USATF:

1) Fill out the membership form on the USATF website.  Click Here to get started

2) Once you have a USATF number (It will be e-mailed to you), you will need to submit an email to the membership chair ( ),, a copy of the athlete's birth certificate in order to be birthdate verified.  Failing to do this step may result in the athlete not being able to compete in the club or in any association & Junior Olympic meets.  This has to be done PRIOR to the first practice

3) Once you have been birthdate verified, you then need to select a club you want to be a part of.  If you want to remain unattached and compete as an unattached athlete, then there is nothing else you need to do.  To find a club in your area, Click Here to find a club and then email the membership chair your club preference.

That's it!  You are now joining a group of elite athletes.  With over 2000 clubs nationwide and over 100,000 members strong, USATF is your best avenue for the best compeition in the U.S.

Interested in becoming a club in the Inland Northwest?  Great!  Let's get started

1) You, as the coach will need to get a membership number.  To do that, click here .

2) You will also need to submit to a background check.  Click here one you have gotten your membership number.  These background checks can take up to 2 weeks, so allow for this time.  These background checks are conducted every year.

3) One you have done your background check and approved, then you now can apply for a club.  Click Here

4) Once you have been approved for a club, be sure to read our bylaws, which outlines the operation of the club and our association and how it functions.  Click here to read the bylaws